Our vanadium processing generates four types of tailings: non-magnetic (wet mix), iron rich (solid), silica cakes (solid), and chloride (saline mix).

All types are stored in separate tailings facilities designed for safety: they are smaller, shallower ponds (not dams) containing less liquid and lined with impermeable geotextiles. Iron rich tailings and silica cakes are dry stacked.

Global industry standard on tailings management

Largo recognizes the importance of the successful publication of the first Global Industry Standard on Tailings Management. While we already follow most of the technical requirements of the Standard through the extensive Brazilian legal requirements, we recognize the benefits that its adoption will bring, with the addition of a dimension of governance, clear responsibilities, and systemic management to our current procedures.

As a responsible producer of high-quality vanadium, Largo commits to be operating in accordance with the Standard by August 2025 at the latest.