Energizing a sustainable future.

Our mission is to be the leading vanadium focused company by providing the world low-carbon solutions, creating value through our unique products, our responsible business practices and the commitment of our talented team.

We are committed to being a global leader in providing the products, materials, and solutions for a low-carbon future. We believe Largo is a force for good in the world and we apply our courage, creativity and drive to develop responsible products and solutions that meet the needs of tomorrow.

Our team is focused on delivering long-term value and quality for our customers, investors, employees, and the communities in which we operate.

Our values

We are committed to superior quality and innovation.

We’re constantly striving for the highest quality solutions and perpetually innovating to achieve a sustainable future.

We promote integrity throughout our business.

We define integrity as respecting people and communities, including prioritizing their safety. We are transparent, sincere and honest.

We create value for all stakeholders.

We balance financial value for shareholders while not losing sight of social good and sustainability for all our stakeholders, earning their respect and trust.

We care about people.

We’re global citizens focused on sustainability and ensuring that the untapped opportunities in the clean energy industry benefit all people around the world.

Our differentiation

We are leveraging our competitive advantage as a low-cost producer of the world’s highest-quality vanadium products to become a preferred supplier of low-carbon solutions for our customers.