At Largo, we strive for responsible stewardship of the land, air and water in every aspect of our business.

We operate under the Safety, Environment and Social Responsibility Policy that was approved by the Company’s Board of Directors.

Our mining business in Bahia, Brazil consists of eighteen concessions totalling 17,690.5 hectares (ha), with two mining permits of 1,000 ha each, and one exploration permit (977.20 ha). The footprint for all operations is only 260 ha. To date 1,088 ha have been designated protected as part of the São Conrado Legal Reserve. The remaining 3,372 ha are maintained in their natural state. We have progressive reclamation activities in place, as well as a closure plan.

Bahia, Brazil: 18 concessions =


hectares (ha)

2 mining permits


hectares (ha) each

1 exploration permit


hectares (ha) each


hectares (ha) surface land under long-term agreement


hectares (ha) footprint for all operations


hectares (ha) designated protected


hectares (ha) maintained in natural state

Our first environmental risk assessments date back to 2008, including assessments for implementation, operations and closure phases, and using internationally accepted classification of impacts and controls. Since then, our risk assessments are updated periodically or in association with new developments.

Our Environment team manages our programs, ensuring that the established prevention and mitigation controls are performing well. In compliance with our operating licence, we monitor our environmental performance and provide reports to the environmental authority, Instituto do Meio Ambiente e Recursos Hidricos (INEMA), as well as to the local community. All the mine’s suppliers must also operate according to Brazilian environmental regulations.

New employees receive training on water scarcity, recycling and composting, and are introduced to the area’s flora and fauna, and our environmental monitoring programs.