Building and maintaining a zero-harm safety culture is a continuous process, and we invest heavily in creating a safe, healthy working environment at our mine.

We employ a Plan-Do-Check-Act approach for management, including risk assessments, inspections and audits, incident investigations, and KPIs for monitoring and improvement.

The Five Golden Rules for Safety is an integral part of our safety culture, addressing basic safety requirements and carrying prescribed consequences in case they are not followed. Throughout the mine, signage campaigns reinforce the importance the Five Golden Rules and the use of the required Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

Daily safety dialogues provide the best communication tool for engagement, clarification and building trust. 

The mine’s Occupational Health Medical Control Program sets objectives, and responsibilities to prevent illness. We have a full Health team and clinic on-site. Employees have the Right of Refusal and are instructed to refuse any task where the safety controls measures are insufficient.

Every year Largo makes significant capital investments in eliminating hazards, following the hierarchy of controls, to prevent incidents and injuries such musculoskeletal disorders.