Largo's clean energy business.

Largo has commenced a comprehensive and thorough review of strategic alternatives to accelerate and enhance the distinctive value proposition its clean energy business presents for vanadium batteries and the long duration energy storage sector.

Largo believes several strategic opportunities exist in the market today that would benefit from Largo Clean Energy's unique characteristics, and a formal process for comparing these alternatives is expected to deliver maximum value for all shareholders in a timely manner. These characteristics include: i) LCE’s access to the innovative Largo Physical Vanadium Corp. (TSXV:VAND, OTCQX:VANAF) structure, which is expected to significantly reduce vanadium battery costs for customers, ii) LCE’s U.S.-based manufacturing capabilities, which may be eligible for significant fiscal incentives, grants and benefits, and iii) LCE’s patented vanadium flow battery stack technology and electrolyte purification technology

Largo believes the strategic review process could also accelerate the prospects for deployment of vanadium units owned by LPV in batteries, which it considers provides a major improvement in the cost-competitiveness of LCE against other battery technologies and other vanadium flow battery competitors.

One of the world’s most advanced vanadium redox flow battery system.

Innovative stack design & electrolyte purification

Our patented purification process addresses several technical barriers in typical VRFB systems leading to true cost advantages.

The VCHARGE system contains high performance flow cells that enable a 5x reduction in core cell materials leading to significant cost savings and the smallest footprint of any known flow battery.

Superior & modular system design

Unlike competing battery technologies, the VCHARGE system’s energy and power modules are housed in separate containers.

The VCHARGE system allows for matching of power and energy to project requirements with a multitude of configuration. Our vertical stacking design allows 2x power/energy density in same footprint with significant cost advantages not possible with off-the-shelf tanks.

Durability advantage

Long-duration applications require technology that can withstand various environmental factors over long periods of time.

The VCHARGE system'ssteel container design provides robust protection from weather, UV degradation and vandalism. We have performed extensive material testing to prevent stack degradation in long-duration applications cost advantages which results in significant cost advantages.

Estimated lifespan of over 20+ years with almost no battery degradation
Intrinsically safe with no fire risk from thermal runaway with recyclability attributes
Scalability by adding larger tanks and additional electrolyte
Ideally suited for long-duration and large-scale utility, commercial and industrial renewable energy storage application
Can switch from charge to discharge instantaneously, providing users with a guaranteed
Able to discharge 100% without any damage to the battery

What sets our technology apart?

Electrolyte processing

Proprietary and patented VRFB electrolyte processing technology

Stack technology

Utilization of industry-leading flow battery stack technology

Secure vanadium supply

Largo’s unrivaled supply of high-purity vanadium products

One of the safest battery solutions

The VCHARGE battery system technology has been proven safe for use in urban applications in proximity to adjacent structures and densely populated areas due to its inherent non-flammability. It is one of the leading technologies in long duration energy storage applications because it is intrinsically safe, with no fire risk from thermal runaway.

Thermal runaway occurs when current flowing through a battery on charge or overcharge causes temperatures to rise, further increasing the current output and temperature, which eventually results in fire. Thermal runaway is a significant risk in solid-state batteries, such as lithium-ion applications.

The electrolyte solution used in the VRFB is non-volatile – it is neither flammable, nor explosive as a result of its high water content, which offers a high degree of operational safety compared to other battery energy storage systems. The inherent non-flammability of the water-based electrolyte used in VRFBs makes them ideal for deployment in densely populated areas, airports, schools, and wooded areas where mitigating the safety risk caused by fire and smoke is paramount.


The economics of energy storage

Design parameters influence cost

How fast?

Can be energy shared and removed from the system - measured in MW


How long?

Can the system deliver its rated power - measure in MWh

Trend to longer-duration storage

Longer duration storage needed for grid-scal renewable energy integration

Competing technologies

Li-ion batteries

  • Lower capital costs for short duration energy storage
  • Limited battery life from cycling and battery safety concerns
  • Weak economcis of scale for longer duration

Pumped Hydro

  • High capital costs and good efficiency
  • Duration very site specific - extensive environmental permitting challenges

Compressed air

  • High capital costs and moderate efficiency
  • Moderate economics of scale at longer durations

Flow batteries

  • Strong econonmics of scale at longer durations
  • Safe, aqueous electrolyte stored in tanks

Flow is cheaper at longer durations

graph illustrating competing technologies energy storage costs

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